Engage employees, change communities

Connect your employees to organizations needing volunteers in your community.

Mobilize employees to volunteer

Unite your team outside the office to create an impact in your community. Whether working in the office or with remote employees, everyone will feel like part of the team when you are working to do goodwill in the community.

Help employees connect with causes and charities they support in your community.

Take your corporate social responsibility initiative to the next level

Track their impact

Watch your team’s impact grow through their Volunteer Resumes. See how many hours they serve and the economic impact they make in real time, tracking everything through our proprietary analytics suite.

Talk with your team

Group messaging allows you to reach all your employees at once, simplifying your communication process. We’ll take care of the reminders when it’s time to volunteer.

Reward hard work

For every 20 hours of volunteer work an employee gives they earn a $5 reward from VOMO. You can also create branded employee rewards.

Talk with one of our experts today to see how VOMO can help you make an impact.

engage employees volunteering

Resource: Connect employees, build corporate impact

Learn ways to activate and engage your employees in this new era, showing them your belief that giving back to the community is important. Gain critical insights through our guide.