Engage, Manage, and Reward Church Volunteers

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How can VOMO help my church?

What is VOMO?

VOMO is a full-service volunteer engagement platform. We help church leaders connect to eager volunteers and create impactful serving opportunities. It’s a win-win-win.

Join the 500+ churches and organizations revolutionizing their ministry using VOMO

Customizable to Your Church

This can be your church's one stop for serving. Highlight opportunities in your ministries, small groups, mission trips and more, including local nonprofit projects.

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Activate New Volunteers

Every small group, youth group or family can easily connect to service opportunities in just a few clicks.

Your Church's Subscription includes:

  • Unlimited Volunteers
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Account Invitations
  • Customized Volunteer Hub
  • Volunteer Resumes
  • Detailed Analytics
  • Unlimited Training & Support
  • Dedicated Concierge
  • And More!

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Access Anytime, Anywhere

Whether it's on your laptop, iPhone or Android device, we've taken care of all the apps so your volunteers can easily access your customized account and find opportunities to serve.

Thank Your Volunteers with VOMO Rewards

We’ve partnered with several passionate organizations to thank your volunteers for serving in their community. They can earn free ebooks and gift certificates for meals, shops, and more.

Unlock Unique Skills

Your church is full of unique, talented teachers, doctors, dentists, lawyers. They can connect to specific opportunities to use their passions and skills to to make a difference.

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Build Your Volunteer Resume

Whether it’s for students to graduate or complete their honor society requirements, our built-in volunteer resume collects all your service hours and shows how you’re making a difference.

Background Checks in One Place

We have a built-in background check system with Checkr, one of the most trusted companies working with thousands of organizations like Uber and Zillow.

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What Pastors Are Saying

Don't just take our word for it. Hear what pastors are saying about how VOMO is helping equip their congregations to serve.

Measure Impact

Walk away with tangible data that allows you to celebrate the wins and encourage the church.

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Service Days Made Easy

It makes church-wide “City Serving Days” easy for your church to manage or do for the first time.

70,000 Opportunities

Browse a searchable database of nonprofits, food banks, and ministries all around your community that your church can impact.

Making a Kingdom Impact

Rob Peabody, CEO of VOMO, shares the heart behind how your church can leverage technology to make a lasting impact in your church and community.

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New Integrations

Connect to your favorite management tools, background check providers, and giving portals with all new frictionless integrations.

Add Multiple Hubs

Enterprise Upgrade

Easily add hubs for your additional locations for only $24.99 per additional location per month.

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Donation Tools

Activate financial contributions to your nonprofit organization and projects with the new VOMO Gives tool, powered by GivingFuel. No complex service provider processes necessary.

Why We Serve

Empowering believers to live out their faith in the church and community is key to spiritual growth. Pastor Molina shares how and why his church serves the growing community of Miami, FL.