Is Your Website Ready to Showcase Volunteer Opportunities?

Many organizations are getting started with volunteers again as lockdowns and guidelines begin to enable communities to get back in action. It’s exciting to see people ready to move forward in this new normal!

volunteer management during COVID-19

Hitting Restart on Volunteer Content on Your Site

Now that you’re ready to begin recruiting volunteers again, here are some things to consider featuring on your site. Given this new environment where people are cautious and want assurance of measures taken to ensure they’ll be safe while volunteering, we recommend calling out a few things on your site. 

Are you dedicating real estate on your homepage to promote that you are opening volunteer opportunities back up? Every organization has volunteer links in their navigation, but 2020 warrants a visual and coordinated copy that talks to your team being ready to partner with volunteers again. 

The primary volunteer page is often the one visited before one will browse specific opportunities. On this page, it is critical to assure prospective volunteers that you have precautionary measures in place to protect and ensure as much distancing as possible. A secondary visual here of masked volunteers is recommended.

When it comes to volunteer opportunities specifically, providing all of the usual details is still crucial. But showcasing any specific considerations taken with those opportunities with COVID-19 protocols can help put prospects at ease. 

Has your process changed when it comes to what volunteers should do when they arrive? Do you have certain mask requirements when indoors vs outside? Do you offer contactless check-in? These details should be included at the point of volunteer conversion online. The goal is to convert those who are actively desiring to help serve your community!

Providing Social Reassurance of COVID-19 Volunteer Precautions

In addition to visuals and details on the adaptations your team has made to ensure volunteers are safe while serving, providing evidence from supporters who’ve recently joined the front lines as volunteers can increase their comfort in registering to serve.

Do you have recent volunteers that would be willing to provide a quote or a quick video showcasing how they felt comfortable while serving? Using this content across social, on your site and in emails can have dramatic impacts in bringing people back to serve your community.

VOMO is Here to Help

Alongside our advanced platform to engage and manage volunteers for organizations of any size, our team is happy to talk with you about ways to improve your site and touchpoints of communication when it comes to featuring what you are doing through your volunteers in this new normal. 

We know that navigating this year has been tough for everyone. If you want to learn ways to highlight your upcoming opportunities as you hit the restart button or if you’d like to learn ways to drive new volunteers through on-site treatments, Google Grant campaigns and more, we’re one tap, click or call away.

Want to talk with us about your site, your platform and processes for managing volunteers?

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