The Volunteer Privacy Dilemma: Protecting Your Data in a Digital World

Volunteer management privacy

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If you’ve ever interacted with a device using Alexa, you know how easy it can be to check the weather, play music across the house, and a number of other convenient elements. A robot can do all of that, for free, anytime? Well, sort of. The data you feed into it will ultimately help their monetization of both you and users like you whether through a product offer or by monetizing your pixels. 

So should you be concerned about security and privacy when it comes to volunteer engagement? The short answer is “Yes.” There are dozens of “free” tools like online spreadsheets, emails, and forms that many organizations use to manage their volunteers. These days, when utilization is provided for free, monetization is found through your data. This translates to some vulnerability with your volunteers and your organization. 

Online forms seem easy enough; however, open-source tools exist to capture information to use in many other ways. So how can you be confident that your volunteer data is as secure as possible? And how can your volunteers be reassured that their personal information will be kept private?

There are three areas where you might be most vulnerable:

  1. Volunteer Forms

Online forms seem easy enough; however, open-source tools exist to capture information to use in many other ways. You need to ensure that all the data entered into your forms are 100% secure and never tied to a pixel.

  1. Volunteer Communication

Have you ever seen an internet ad right after talking about something over email or text? Yes, we agree…that is next-level invasion of privacy. Make sure that your group communications are not being browsed by internet bots or sold for profit elsewhere. 

  1. Volunteer Browsing

We are in the midst of a privacy revolution where users are cautious with what they search for online, what they talk about on social, and how they interact with electronic devices. What was meant for good…is a bit jaded. Provide a place where your volunteers can find opportunities to serve without concern that what they browse will be shared to turn a profit.

It’s important to find volunteer engagement software that believes your volunteers’ privacy matters as much as your donors’ privacy. While volunteers are not transacting with your organization, they are often serving in capacities that warrant some privacy between parties to ensure their relationship with you cannot be monetized by internet bots. 

As you get restarted with volunteers in the coming months, be sure to hit the restart button with a safe and secure approach that will protect the private information of the people who engage with your organization. I promise you – your volunteers will thank you for it!

Need to talk with experts on volunteer privacy to see where you might have some gaps with data security when it comes to your volunteers? We’re here to help. Start a conversation today.

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